Nedre Løkka & Custom Burger pop-up: Åpningstider jul/nyttår

Nedre Løkka inviterer til pop-up kjøkken i regi av Custom Burger fra 6. desember – velkommen skal du være! OBS! Vi holder stengt på noen av datoene i desember og januar.

Vi holder stengt på følgende datoer:

Lørdag 23/12/2017
Søndag 24/12/2017
Mandag 25/12/2017
Søndag 31/12/2017
Mandag 1/1/2018
Tirsdag 2/1/2018

We are closed during the following dates:

Saturday 23/12/2017
Sunday 24/12/2017
Monday 25/12/2017
Sunday 31/12/2017
Monday 1/1/2018
Tuesday 2/1/2018

Nedre Løkka cocktailbar og selskapslokaler.png

Custom Burger:
Dare we say the best burger you'll ever try? Probably. But the thing is, Custom Burger is more than just a burger.
Sure we use the finest fresh ingredients known to man, picked personally from the deep jungles of Sumatra from our very own, uhhh, Spice Division. And yes, our homemade dressings are so hootin' tootin' good you'll want to
baptize your baby in them.

But what Custom Burger truly achieves is to give the power back to you, the people.

The only menu you'll find is the one you create yourself. Blue cheese with pickles? Done. Taleggio cheese with BBQ-sauce? Say the word. Double patty with cave-aged cheddar and jalapeno cream? Happens to be our speciality.

Take back the power. Customize.

Come try our signature burgers at Nedre Løkka cocktail bar!

Pop-up from December 6th to December 30th
Wednesdays to Sundays
17:00 - 23:00

Kim S