Specializing in cocktails

Nedre Løkka Cocktailbar & Lounge is specializing in cocktails inspired by the history of Grünerløkka and the very home of cocktails, New York city. These quarters of Oslo have suddenly acquired a perfect location where citizens can enjoy a quality cocktail and relax for a while, or meeting a larger group of friends before heading out to the many restaurants of Grünerløkka. 

Our bar is located among many known restaurants and the owners of Nedre Løkka wish to pair the cocktails on the menu with the culinary experiences of their neighbours. A drink at Nedre Løkka is the perfect start of the evening before you head out to the restaurants of Grünerløkka, or as a last stop of the evening.

Norwegian-american cocktails

We took a look into the history books, and found many interesting things written about one of the older parts of Oslo; Grünerløkka. Nedre Løkka is located in the busiest street of Grünerløkka Thorvald Meyers gate, which is named after a man who owned large parts of this district at the end of the 19th century. He donated most of his properties to the city of Oslo, which made it possible to give many workers from the working class a place to build their own house.

At this time, Grünerløkka was often referred to as “Ny York” with a reference to New York – because of the rapid pace of construction in the area and the broad roads that are layed out in a grid pattern just as the streets of Manhatten in New York. Nedre Løkka has taken inspiration from this time, and we have a great number of classic cocktails in New York-style on our menu.

Private and corporate events

Nedre Løkka Cocktailbar & Lounge spreads over two floors with a unique opportunity of seperating the venue for private events, or into several smaller areas upstairs with it´s own service staff and bar personell. On the first floor we we can serve everything from cocktails, simple settees to a full tapas menu for up to 110 guests. The location is perfect for birthday parties, afterwork with co-workers or any other type of social events. Do not hesitate to contact us for a viewing of the location or for a price quote for your needs.

Send us a message if you wish to book a table in the bar, or have any questions regarding our venue as a meeting room or banquet venue.

Cocktail course and wine tasting

If you´re interested in an activity for teambuilding etc. we offer different tastings and courses, where you learn how to mix your own cocktails or about wine production. Send us a request if you want some more information about this.

Pop up kitchen

Although Nedre Løkka has a kitchen, we don’t make food ourselves. We do however invite others to try out new menus and ideas as a pop up kitchen. Are you a young chef and want more experience? Or maybe you are an experienced chef with the urge to test a whole new menu for a limited time? We welcome everyone who wants to try it out. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding pop ups at Nedre Løkka.

We´re hiring

Looking for a job? We’re currently hiring a bartender.